Meet Steve. He wants to ensure his family's financial security.

  • Steve worked very hard his whole life to provide opportunities for his kids and grandkids. His portfolio suffered a lot during the last recession. Now he wants to learn from past mistakes in order to better secure his family's financial future.

  • After assessing his situation completely and discussing his options thoroughly, Steve's advisor shares with him that, compared to traditional 60% stock 40% bond portfolios, portfolios which incorporate investments that may better align his overall portfolio with a well balanced, fully diversifid durable income producing approach have the ability to increase overall return while simultaneously managing overall risk. Investments rooted in durable income can achieve this through their unique risk-return profiles, which operate independently of the stock and bond markets.

  • He asks his financial advisor about investment strategies that may be more durable than his old retirement portfolio allocation which already let him down once before.

  • Steve loves his family and their future is what is most important to him. Therefore, he diversifies his portfolio away from an exclusively stock and bond blend in an attempt to set a stronger financial foundation for them.

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