Meet Andie. She needs a regular flow of income from investments to supplement monthly retirement expenses.

  • Andie is an independent, successful businesswoman looking for a way to manage her regular expenses without cutting into her retirement savings.

  • Andie wants more control over her financial future. She wants to hear the options available to her and then make her own decisions so she asks her financial advisor about investments designed to provide shareholders with a steady stream of regular income returns yet are largely insulated from the volatility of the broader market.

  • After assessing her situation completely and discussing her options thoroughly, Andie learned from her advisor about the many investments classified as durable income sources such as public, non-traded real estate investment trusts or REITs. REITs seek to provide stable, monthly or quarterly payments to investors called distributions. These distributions (though not always) are guaranteed by long-term contracts, heavily-regulated pricing schedules, and are often backed by corporations and assets essential to the infrastructure of the US economy.

  • Andie offsets her monthly expenses in retirement with monthly investment returns. This gives her the freedom to spend a portion of her retirement savings on her lifelong dream - traveling the world.

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